Our firm was established in 1990. Since 1996 our offices are very conveniently located at Steinenschanze 6 in Basel.

We advise and support individuals as well as national and international companies, in particular in the fields of contract, company, family, inheritance, criminal and juvenile criminal law as well as in notarial services.

We provide both legal advice and legal representation in law suits. Our public notaries offer notarial services in commercial, real estate, marital, and inheritance law matters under Swiss law as well as in contract and corporate law matters under German law. In addition we offer professional mediation services.

We are aware that in addition to the quality of the work, the speed, and our availability are crucial for our clients and may often determine the success or failure. Therefore we place particular emphasis on this.

We are bound by the strict statutory duty of professional confidentiality for attorneys and protect the interests of our clients competently, efficiently and with great personal commitment.